Customized led bars - 20% Discount on whole category!

The products here displayed are made by hand and in these various measures, to reach the maximum customization.

Each led bar includes: 

1.    High quality aluminum profile (choice between PRD-04 and PRD-ANG models) full of its two end caps, fixing brackets and satin diffuser
2.    Strip LED with high luminous efficiency, new generation chip 5730 with 60 LEDs per meter, 12v, 14.4 W / Mt, 1.205 Lm / Mt (+/- 10%)
IP65 waterproof resistant.
3.    Touch dimmer command, to turn off and dim the light. A handy blue LED indicates his presence. 
        The cable comes out by the side of the touch-dimmer, is transparent and long 2mt, for easier installation. 
  A red line identifies the positive pole (+). 
The bar is supplied already assembled and only needs to be powered, simply by mounting the quick connector (Code: CONN-ALI-2.5) and the power supply (Code: ALI-12V-2A plug). Read the instructions present in the relevant pages of each product; if in doubt or need, just  contact us by mail. If it were required, (using the form on our "Contacts" page), a further customization of the bars present here, it will be examined the feasibility and associated  with an extra charge of 10%.